Considering an Upgrade to a Garmin G600 or G1000?  Valair possesses extensive experience in custom design and installation with immediate service available.

As an authorized dealer for Garmin products, Valair has installed a significant number of Garmin systems for civil, government and para public aircraft.  We have experience with KingAir, Aero Commander and Gulfstream (G100).  We can combine your Garmin installation with a complete aircraft upgrade including: SB's/AD's, paint, interior and component engine overhauls.

  • No wait-immediate induction of your aircraft

  • High quality

  • Short downtime-under 20 days

  • Realistic pricing

  • Personalized service

  • G1000 is upgradable for future ADS-B & compatible with Blackhawk engine conversion

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For more information, contact sales at 405.789.5000/800.299.8546 or